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With over 200 years of collective bike
experience, we can fix just about anything.

With five workbenches and a range of obscure and hard-to-find
parts, we fix what other shops can’t. No matter how small the job, we
stand behind our work to make sure all our customers leave happy.


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Repairs and Tune Ups


All service rates are for labour only; parts are not included. Prices are for standard road, hybrid, and hardtail bikes. Dual suspension bikes will be quoted at drop-off.

The Minor Tune: $90*


· Adjust braking and shifting systems

· Wipe down the frame and wheels

· Lubricate chain

· Every bolt of the bicycle is checked and tightened

· Tires pumped to recommended pressure

* Note: Does not include parts

The Fairfield Full Tune-up: $120*


· Adjust braking and shifting systems

· Wipe down the frame and wheels

· Installation of brake pads and cables if needed

· Lubricate chain

· Every bolt checked and tightened

· Tires pumped to recommended pressure

· Inspecting and tightening bottom bracket, headset, cranks

· Adjust hubs/wheel cones and inject with grease

· Rear derailleur hanger alignment

· Minor wheel truing

* Note: 1) Trikes: $160 for full tune; $130 for minor

            2) Cargo bikes $140 for full tune; $110 for minor

            3) Does not include parts; surcharge for installation of cassette and chain is $15, and chainrings is $20

The Fairfield Overhaul: $300*


· Includes all services of the Fairfield Standard Tune plus+

· Drivetrain components removed, cleaned in bio-friendly solvent, and reinstalled 

· Frame is cleaned thoroughly and is inspected for damage

· Repack hubs

· Installation of any required new drivetrain components

· Repack or installation of new bottom bracket

· Repack or installation of new headset

* Note: Does not include parts


E-Bike Repairs:*

 · E-Bike full tune: $140; minor tune: $110

 · Software update for Bosch or Shimano: $20, or free if bike purchased at Fairfield

  Electrical System diagnostic and repairs are charged by time.

  * Note: 1) E-Cargo bikes: $160

              2)Unfortunately, at this time, we are not servicing the electrical systems of bikes purchased online



· Flat fix on standard bike: $15 + tube ($12-$25)

· Flat fix on enclosed drive train: $25 + tube

· Flat fix on internal hub or electric hub drive: $25 + tube

· Wheel true: $20-$45

· Wheel build: starting at $90 per wheel (lacing, tensioning, truing) + spokes ($1.25-$3.25 ea.)

· Internal hub service/overhaul: $60

· Rohloff hub service clean and oil: labour $45; oil $32

Brakes and Shifting:


· Brake adjustment: $20 per brake

· Disc pad installation: $20 per brake

· Hydraulic Brake Bleed (per brake): $30-$50

· Derailleur adjust: $20

· Adjust shift/brake with cable install: $20 per shifter/brake (internal cables by time)

· Shifter install: $30

· Derailleur install: $30

· Derailleur hanger alignment: $20

Mobility Adaptations

Fairfield Bicycle Shop has singular expertise on Vancouver Island in custom mobility adaptations for trikes and bikes for cyclists with a physical impairment. We take great pride in extending cyclists' enjoyment of riding their bikes and enabling those who never thought they would ride the opportunity to take to the streets and trails.


Various options are available for those needing secure footing on pedals, such as heel and foot straps. Pedal extenders can accommodate different foot positions, and pedal pendulums with shorteners accommodate a limited range of motion in knees. One-handed operation can be made possible with dual control levers and shifters. We can also provide hand and wrist rests, headrests and stand-up aids. Moreover, we can provide electric assist options to augment muscle strength.


E-Kit Install

Not everyone needs a new e-bike. Many people love their current bike and don't want to part with it, but are interested in the benefits that an e-system could provide. There is a solution for this predicament.


For over a decade Fairfield Bikes has been retrofitting traditional bikes with e-kits, enabling customers to extend the life of their favourite bike. Typically, customers will choose a Bafang system, which the mechanics at Fairfield bikes have installed on hundreds of cycles, whether hybrids, trikes, cargoes, adventures, or folders. Bafang kits are extremely flexible, giving customers the chance to choose between drive systems, motor power, battery range and display units. There are many options to choose from.


Custom Builds

Having trouble finding a bike that fits you properly? Or, perhaps you are looking for a unique build. We can help! You might have a bike that needs customization – or you may want to have a bike built “from the frame up”. Either way, we can ensure that you love your bike and want to be out riding more.

Experienced staff can take your measurements to match specific bike parameters and parts: frame size and geometry, crank length, seat style and position, stem height and angle, handlebar width and shape, type of grips, and even cleat position. Gearing can also be modified to give you more options for hill climbing or speed.

Wheel Building

Our skillful mechanics have decades of wheel-building experience. Choose your rim, hub, spokes (we can even make them), and nipples, and let our expert technicians build your bespoke wheel.


Cost: Labour starts at $90; the price of parts varies.


Fabrication & Brazing

You’ve researched & searched, grumbled a bit but can’t seem to find a solution. You might need to mount some problematic brakes, deal with some defiant drop-outs, or attach extra bosses. Or — you might even have a broken frame!

Fairfield Bike Shop has the equipment and expertise to solve these problems. What may seem like a unique problem to you may have been tackled many times already by the shop’s mechanics. In other words, we can often breathe new life into your old bike.