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At Fairfield Bicycles we principally sell two types of trikes—"Tadpole recumbents" and "Deltas." "Tadpoles" have two wheels in front, leaving the rider inclined with her feet in front. The other style, the “Delta,” is a more familiar design (thanks to kids worldwide), having one wheel in front and two in the back. Both types of tricycles can be electrified.

Like a bicycle, trikes are pedal powered and will go as fast as you can pedal. Unlike a bicycle, the recumbent trike does not lean when turning, so it is up to the rider to lean and keep all the wheels on the ground. Turning is done with the steering bar that goes under the seat and has handles on each side. With their extremely low center of gravity it is easy to take curves without fear of flipping.

Cycling on a recumbent trike is similar to pedalling a really comfortable lawn chair. Most of the tricycles that Fairfield bikes sell have a mesh seat which keeps you cool, and most trikes isolate the pedalling effort to your legs, which means that your upper body is not fatigued. The recumbent tricycle is becoming the cyclist's machine of choice for long tours since you can ride all day without the pain associated with traditional bikes.

Riding a recumbent tricycle on Vancouver Island is very safe and offers advantages over riding a conventional bicycle. It is stable at any speed and eliminates the need to balance. Instead of wobbling up a hill you can go as slow as you want and even rest without taking your feet off of the pedals. Riding in traffic is also safe. Since most people have not seen trikes regularly they usually give you more room and slow down to take a look. If you are riding in tight traffic you can enhance your visibility with a flag.

Fairfield Bicycle aims to keep cyclists on the road for as long as possible and this is why tadpole trikes are ideal: electrification, not needing a specific speed to stay upright, the comfort that a large seat affords, and no stress on the neck, wrists and shoulders offer huge benefits. Moreover, our experienced mechanics are extremely adept at modifying trikes, enabling those with unique physical demands to experience the joy that cycling brings.


While most of the trikes that Fairfield Bicycles offers are recumbent, we understand that some customers will prefer a traditional, “Delta” configuration. This design will place the rider in a more familiar position. Like the tadpole recumbent, they can deliver a large payload, be it with panniers, baskets or trailers. And, of course, like their siblings, most can be electrified.


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